Thursday, 27 January 2011

All Quiet on the Climbing Front

With the cold snap gone, it's all gone a bit quiet. The weather at the weekends hasn't been brilliant so I've not been doing any climbing - slightly greasy gritstone isn't my thing. I wonder why? : -)

The weather is more autumnal at the moment so as mentioned in my last post I've gone back to a winter training regime that I used to do around twenty years ago of going for walks with a big heavy sack and wearing my plastic winter boots to get some hill fitness. I used to do things like the Ennerdale Horseshoe like this which is something like a twelve hour day, it certainly got you fit. I didn't go as far as one of the Kendal lads who would carry the crankshaft from a Ford Transit in his rucksack! Mind you he was a fireman so the weirdness goes with the territory.

Now however I just went for a walk up the local fell and back - I did get one or two questions about why I'd got such a large sack on my back though from other walkers. Oh well, makes a difference from the "there's an easy way round the back you know" that you get when climbing.

Rather surprisingly I've been doing some running, not a lot, just a three mile loop, figure of eight sort of thing from the house. About half fields and track and half road. It's enough to raise a sweat (especially since there are a couple of decent hills on the route) but it's not enough to cause my knees any trouble. However I thought I'd try one of my old 6 mile runs, actually the same route as I'd walked up the fell with my winter kit, but it didn't work out too well. For a start I don't think I've "run" it as slowly before, taking nearly 30% longer than my usual time of a year to eighteen months ago, but also my knees hurt for several days afterwards. I'll just have to stick to the shorter runs. I don't think I'll be doing any races though.

Just hope that the winter returns.

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