Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Back on the Bike

A bit of biking this weekend: mountain biking on Saturday and road on Sunday, plus an explanation for a persistent ache.

Cath wanted to go biking on Saturday but having not been out on any bike for ages, I didn't want to do something too technical so we ended up biking on the lanes around Bank Newton, West Marton and Coniston Cold. I hadn't been on many of the lanes and those I had I'd only ever done in the opposite direction so it all felt quite new. It was pretty muddy though :-)

Sunday saw me heading out on the winter bike for a quick blast over to Colne and back. It all felt quite hard work though there was a bit of a breeze for the first half. Fortunately biking in to work on Tuesday was a bit easier so maybe it was just winter cobwebs.

My shoulder is still sore so I had the physio look at it on Monday: whiplash is the likely explanation. Certainly hurts and I'm hoping the exercises I got given sort it out.

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