Friday, 28 September 2012

Four down

Another early start saw me back at Lorton and climbing Fellbarrow and Low Fell, the fells I'd not done last week. Although low in altitude they are sufficiently isolated to provide good views of both the inner Lakeland fells and out across the Irish Sea. Both the Galloway hills and the Isle of Man were clearly visible.

Looking up Crummock Water  from Low Fell with Meallbreak on its right
Then it was up to Honister, once I'd managed to negotiate all the tourists stopping on blind bends to look at the view that is. True to form I'd got two hills left that weren't close to one another: Fleetwith Pike and Base Brown. The summit of Fleetwith Pike is at the Buttermere end of the fell so is a brilliant viewpoint. There was a motorised paraglider flying over the valley and the sound of the engine came and went with the breeze.

Derelict shed in the workings on Fleetwith Pike

Getting to Base Brown was a matter of contouring round tops following tracks and non-tracks to avoid too much up and down. Whether it was any quicker than following the main paths I'm not sure. So with the summit gained I'd completed my fourth Wainwright book, The Western Fells. By the time I was back at the car it was mid afternoon so time to head home. Just 21 tops to go.

On the Sunday ride there were enough to have an A and a B ride. The A ride was pretty quick, the average speeds are creeping up. This is probably because we are getting used to each other's riding styles so have started to ride closer together thus gaining extra benefits from drafting. We headed out via Barnoldswick to Downham (café stop) then back via Bolton by Bowland, Hellifield and Otterburn where I short cut for home. It did feel a rather cold day with an easterly breeze and I didn't feel particularly warm at any point on the ride. On the plus side I did get home before the deluge started.

The deluge brought its own problems a couple of days later when our kitchen flooded again :-( after an hour and a half of mopping up I managed to get outside and figure out what the cause was. With luck I'll be able to stop it permanently. I feel sorry for the people who get flooded regularly.

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