Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year for 2013

Well I've not really been up to much in the month since the last posting, the weather's conspired against me much of the time. A few shortish bike rides and that's been it. Oh well.

A quick review of 2012:

  • bumbled along with my climbing until the end of July when I couldn't be bothered and haven't actually done any climbing since then. 
  • Still closing in on completing the Wainwrights. Nearly there, about four days' effort and I should be done.
  • Quite a lot of biking in the second half of the year with two weeks of holidays (Scotland and Somerset) that happened to coincide with fine weather in both locations.

That seems to be about it! Let's hope that 2013 will be better both in terms of weather and getting things done.

All the best.

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