Sunday, 19 January 2014

Turbo, Turbo, Turbo

Although I've been given the all clear to go biking, I'm not heading out on the roads just yet and I'm certainly not restarting commuting by bike for a while. This means sessions on the turbo trainer, not the most interesting of activities but a bit of music can help pass the time. I also need to get my backside used to being on a bike saddle again.

Turbo sessions are a bit like track sessions on a fixie - there's no coasting as the resistance on the back wheel brings you to a "halt" pretty quickly, so half an hour is half an hour of pedalling. Also, unless you have one of the fancy models it's pretty well impossible to  stand and pedal as the bike won't move beneath you as it would on the road, consequently it's a constant session sat on your backside.

I've no idea how a set length or "distance"[*] of time on the turbo equates to the road but I'm pretty sure it isn't one to one! My first couple of weeks' training have been steady tempo rides: thirty minutes pedalling at around 90rpm[*] but doing that for an hour or more definitely would be boring so a quick google shows quite a few training sessions to try out.

What's neat about the modern generation of cycling computers is that they are effectively two-way devices: not only do they record your rides and performance ready for uploading to a computer and sites like Strava, but you can also create workouts on the computer and download them to the device ready to follow as a training routine. However I need to go against all male instincts and read the manual to find out how.

It's eight weeks tomorrow since my operation and I've stopped using the crutches - I've hardly been using them properly at all for a couple of weeks to be fair, usually they (well it) get in the way and I walk better without them. I had a few trips out where I forgot to take them so it's not a leap in to the unknown. The only "aid" I now still need to use is Foxysoxy (yes it really is called that) which is used to get socks on over my foot, though occasionally I can do so without it.

[*] I've a "turbo" mode on my GPS unit so I can figure out just what I'm doing during each session.

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