Sunday, 8 November 2009

Onward, ever Onward

Well, the physio seemed happy with the progress in my elbow, sufficient for me to be trusted with a rubber band! OK, it's one of those theraband thingies they use but at least now I'm starting to add a bit of strength to the muscles. Apparently the lack of flexibility at the elbow is as much to do with the biceps having undergone trauma as well and being shortened as a result so the exercises aim to counteract this. Despite the effort being very easy I felt decidedly sore after the first session, amazing what eight weeks of little to no exercise does.

The elbow has more movement now but it's still a way to go before it will be back to anything like its companion.

Getting more running done now, including a night run (on road) last Wednesday just to prove I won't fall over in the dark! Everything was soaking though, at one point the entire road was 5cm deep in running water for about 30 metres, the result of the monsoon we've been having for the last couple of weeks. This also made itself felt yesterday when I did my first off-road run to the top of the local fell and back. The only bits where you didn't sink in were covered in concrete! It was really hard work. Somewhat amazingly my time wasn't anywhere near my worst so I still have some aerobic fitness - I managed to run all the uphill bits which I thought I wouldn't be able to do.

Another step (or sit down really) forward today was that I drove the car for the first time in nine weeks. Just down to the village and back but it's a start.