Saturday, 1 January 2011

Review of the Year

A quick review of last year while recovering from last night's celebrations.

I only just got climbing again after my accident in 2009 at the start of the year.  First up was a bit of winter climbing but unfortunately I wasn't able to take full advantage of the month long super cold conditions due to work commitments. Still a minor first ascent was done along with routes I'd done many years ago.

As the rock climbing season got under way I had some stamina issues to deal with due to lack of activity but that soon passed with more routes under my belt. Most of my climbing ended up being sports climbing on the local Yorkshire crags, though a trip to the north west of Scotland saw us heading in to Carnmore along with some excellent minor roadside cragging kept my hand in on the trad stuff.

A lack of stamina also showed in my running though I did take part in some long races, whether or not that was advisable is another matter! With more running under my belt I was able to support some Bob Graham rounds and a Ramsay attempt though I was struggling in the heat on one BG leg. Events would lead to a virtual cessation in any running later in the year when arthritis reared its ugly head and I wasn't overly keen to do any more damage. In fact I've only done about five miles of running since August.

As a substitute for running I began to do more cycling, both road and MTb, in an attempt to keep the weight down. A week mountain biking in Scotland with Cath got us in to a few places that I hadn't been before and would be unlikely to visit as part of any climbing trip. Biking to work was only curtailed by the wintery weather at the end of the year.

Back on the climbing front, I was improving both in grade and stamina. I was pushing at the door of F6c for a while and got close to a few onsight but did manage to redpoint one at the grade and came close to others. I was definitely prepared to go for things which paid dividends. Being unable to straighten my arm didn't hold me back too much.

Winter returned early with a deep and prolonged freeze and I managed my first ever winter route in November. This was followed with visits to venues that I hadn't visited or had wished to visit for many years. Allied with new kit (leashless axes and new crampons) I hope to continue this winter renaissance.

With luck this new year will be better again.

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