Wednesday, 29 February 2012

One Down, Six to go

Another quick hit in the Lakes getting minor Wainwrights done. This time I was in the Eastern Fells, Wainwright's first book. I'd only four left to do but they were all isolated from one another and there wasn't really a sensible route to do them in one walk so it was a pair and two singles. 

First up were Arnison Crag and Birks, both pimples on a spur from St Sunday Crag really. Being early in the day I didn't see anyone on the fell. Then it was round to Glenridding to tackle Birkhouse Moor. There was a hunt setting off so getting parked was slightly tricky. I decided to head up the NE ridge which Wainwright describes as an easy scramble but then anything that involves taking your hands out of your pockets is a scramble to him! In reality it was just steep grass across a rocky steepening.

The summit is all of 10 metres above the surrounding terrain, again a pointless summit. I was pleasantly surprised that I could walk properly on the descent - the physio on my hip is obviously paying dividends. On getting back down to Glenridding the police arrived - it looked like a group of anti-hunt protesters were filming the hounds out on the fell and some hunt supporters weren't happy.

The final top of the day was Hartsop above Howe, yet another excrescence on a long spur. The going was easy angled if a long way for such a minor top. After lots of false summits the highest was reached and Book One could be put to bed. I'll still visit but only the major tops like the Helvellyn range and the Fairfield Horseshoe.

Am now getting to the climbing wall several times a week - handy that there's now one ten minutes from work so no excuses :-) I'm slowly getting fitter but I think it's going to take a while.

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