Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wintry North Wales

A bit of catchup with activities from a while ago.

On Good Friday we headed down to N. Wales for some slate action. After a leisurely breakfast just off the A55 (we weren't slow, just the service), it was off to the quarries.

Everything was somewhat white, in fact there was around 20cm of snow on the ground so I hadn't high hopes that we'd get anything done. After ploughing up to the bottom of Australia, an area I'd never been to before despite living in the area for nine years, it seemed that there were a few dry routes. Now slate dries quickly after rain has cleared but melting snow is slightly different and some routes were getting wetter by the minute. The whole feeling was somewhat alpine with rockfall on the scree slope in the middle of the quarry.

Steve heading out on Looning the Tube.

After a couple of VSs and an easy sport route we'd got damp enough so we headed back along the A55 and did a couple of routes at Llanddulas Cave before the rain called an end to activities.

A bit of biking action on the Sunday - heading round the Bingley Loop, in daylight for once.

It now looks like the summer monsoon has arrived early :-(

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