Tuesday, 9 October 2012

In Memoriam - Darren Holloway

During the Ian Hodgson Relay on Sunday, Darren Holloway, a member of Pennine Fell Runners, collapsed with a suspected heart attack and despite the best efforts of other competitors and others in the vicinity sadly died. Like many these days, Darren was someone I knew virtually but not personally via on-line conversations. There have been very few deaths in fell racing, this is I think only the seventh ever, little consolation I know to Darren's family and friends, but worth considering in the face of the inevitable knee jerk reactions that will appear in tabloid comments sections by those who view anything outside the bubble of their own small mind as needing controlling or banning.

Sudden deaths like this leave people with a sense of missed opportunities and unfinished business - "We were going to ...", etc. Lack of closure as the Americans would have it. My father once said that we mourn for ourselves and our loss not for the deceased. Life will go on, memories will fade, eventually we look forward again.

Looking at the messages on the FRA forums it is clear that Darren was much loved and respected amongst the small fell running community. Perhaps that is as good a legacy as any. 

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