Saturday, 11 January 2014

ThunderBob is GO!

I had an appointment with the surgeon this week - a six week check up. He seemed very pleased with my progress but did hint that it was still early days and didn't seem too surprised that I couldn't tie my shoelaces on my right side.

Obviously I'd a question or two and I'm now allowed to drive again and to ride my bike though given the weather I'll be sticking to the turbo trainer for a few weeks, I'll need to get some fitness back before I head out on to the roads. You don't get a sticker for your passport so I'll be setting the alarm off every time I take a flight and then get patted down, I will either have to show the security guards my scar or learn "I've had a hip replacement" in whatever language.

I've entered the Eden Valley sportive on the 2nd March to give me some incentive to get fit. So I've seven weeks to get up to speed and have the fitness to do 60 miles.

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  1. My experience with air travel and a hip replacement is that they don't bother too much - I usually point at my hip, they grunt and ignore me and pat me down.
    - B