Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bring me Sunshine!

A quiet couple of weeks though I have managed to get some rock routes in, the first of the year for me. However the main activity has been (road) biking as I've finally got round to doing the training for the sportive I've already done!

After a nastily cold Saturday with overcast skies and a thin northerly wind when I went out on the bike, the Sunday was bright and sunny so we headed to Gigg South where it was just about t-shirt weather! Got a few routes done including some I'd not done before, one of which was unfortunately a retro-bolted E1. The hardest thing I tried was Titter Ye Not (F6c) which was OK apart from the next to last move which I couldn't work out or rather hang on the hold - still there's plenty of time.

This last weekend while Cath was mountain biking around Calderdale I got a lift over then biked back home from Hebden Bridge via the Cols du Cock Hill and Herders. The former is very alpine like in that it's a single long, c. 10K, and steady pull from the centre of Hebden Bridge to the old radio mast at Cock Hill. The climb from Stanbury over to The Herders is a different matter with a series of short(ish) steep climbs interspersed with level sections and with the last climb being the longest and steepest, definitely a lung buster! Only another two climbs after that to get home and my legs felt it on the final climb up to the house.

With the nights pulling out quite a lot now (and the clocks going forward in ten days time) things should be good for evening action. There's a lot of options at this time of year as a lot of the Scottish winter classics are still in good condition as well as more local rock climbing being in nick.

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