Saturday, 19 September 2009

Alcohol !!

Now it's one thing not being able to hold your drink because your arm is in a cast but quite another when you feel ill after just three pints!

We went out the other night for a curry and some beer with a few friends. Now the curry was very good (even though I prefer the other curry house in town) as was the beer, but having not drunk anything for the last couple of weeks it rather got to me. I hadn't been taking the painkillers for a few days but there could have still been traces in my system. I certainly had  a hangover the following day and don't think I'll be having another drink for a while - how many times has that been said?

Today my forearm is hurting a bit. Don't know why, it just seems as if it's been knocked somehow - far too long after the event for it to be bruising coming out. The cast is starting to get a little loose now as the swelling has gone and my muscles begin to waste. Also, the bandaging around the cast is beginning to look a little shabby so maybe they'll replace it on Monday when I'm at the fracture clinic.

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