Friday, 11 September 2009

Crosstown Traffic

Well the trip down to Sheffield for the fracture clinic was somewhat tedious but enlivened for all the wrong reasons.

Going through Bradford we ended up in a traffic jam to get on the M606 because the slip-road was shut for no discernable reason other than there was a Transit flat-bed with a load of traffic cones parked there. Half an hour to do 400 metres! Still got to the clinic on time.

Another couple of x-rays of the elbow then ten minutes or so with the consultant. The x-rays of the elbow from Sunday were most impressive (I haven't managed to get copies yet) but certainly not for the squeemish! Those of my back and wrist less so, they looked like the usual translucent lumps - I consistently fail to see how anyone can make a diagnosis from such images but they do.  It's definitely looking like I will be having another operation - the ligament have most likely been damaged and will need fixing in a way yet to be determined or revealed.

A bit depressing really - after I broke my thumb skiing, the consultant said I was "lucky", "most people tear their tendon and need up to six months of treatment/rehab.  Your tendons were strong enoughto pull the bone apart so three to four weeks"! Basically break bone rather than soft tissue, much easier to fix and heal.

The journey back took 2 1/2 hours - for 60 miles! Most of this distance was on motorway, M1, M62, M606, but just the sheer volume of traffic meant that the M62 was taken at perhaps 5MPH. The vast majority of private vehicles had just one occupant - crazy. Then there were the idiot drivers of Bradford to contend with, now that's worth a rant in itself.

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