Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Starting to look better

The trip down to Northern General yesterday went better than I expected. Firstly, where was all the traffic? We headed through Bradford at rush hour and it was quieter than on Easter Sunday. The M62, M1 & Sheffield were the same. Consequently we were nearly an hour early!

The session with the consultants also went well - the elbow has reset OK so I don't need another operation. The wrist also looks fine. I've got to go back on Thursday to have the cast changed and providing that no-one knocks my wrist while it is out of support, that is on for another four weeks. If it does get displaced then they'll have to operate and reset the bones but it will still only be four weeks in the cast. They want to give me limited movement in the elbow for a while so the cast will be both shorter (wrist support only) and lighter - fibreglass not plaster of paris.

With a bit of pestering the consultant reckoned I could go back to work next week. I called in at work on the way back and it is fine with them as well, so I won't be quite so bored.

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