Saturday, 12 September 2009

Indian Summer

Typical!! Poor weather throughout the summer and as soon as I'm unable to get out, the weather is brilliant. With the full week of sunny and breezy weather, even the high crags are going to be dry. Oh, well ...

I phoned my manager yesterday to explain what had happened - he was fairly relaxed about things. I also posted off my sick note - I think thatit is the first sick note I've ever had! Whenever I've been injured before I've been self-employed so haven't needed to get one.

I must have got pretty bored yesterday as I attempted to weigh (rested good arm on scales then bad arm and took the difference) the plaster cast on my arm - I think it's about 1.5Kg, it feels quite a lot whatever weight it is. The arm was a bit sore last night, don't know why, just one of those things I suppose.

We've decided to call the second kitten "Mack", seems to suit him, he's definitely the happier of the two to sit on your lap. Rang the vets to get them innoculated but they are a bit young yet so will have to wait. They are currently in one of their active periods, racing round the room then getting stuck because they haven't learnt how to retract their claws under load yet. Now that I'm writing about them they are sat watching me type.

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