Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Week is a Long Time ...

As I begin this post it is one week almost to the moment since my accident. No doubt there will be quite a few more before I'm declared "fixed".

Whenever something like this happens (as if it's a regular occurrence!) it's not the big limitations - like not being able to go climbing - that get to you but those little tasks that you forget that you use two hands/arms for. An example is brushing your teeth, not the actual brushing but getting the toothpaste onto the brush: put the brush onto the level section at the side of the hand-basin; reach over and get the toothpaste; open the tube and squeeze enough onto the brush without knocking the brush off the edge of the basin. Then you can do the actual brushing. Shaving (with a razor & gel) is similarly fraught. Everything just takes more time, just as well that I've got enough of it!

I've been using my time to update parts of my website - some of it I didn't get round to doing when I moved ISPs; some of it needed updating so that I spend less time in updating it (if that makes any sense); and some is just making better use of the features at the new host.

Pepper and Mack provide lots of amusement, though being kittens they are very inquisitive especially when you are eating your breakfast - trying to balance a bowl, eat from it and fend off the marauding pack is quite difficult with just one hand. I'll try and get the camera set up to get some play shots. I'll also need some weekly shots to measure how they are growing - the modern equivalent of the old height chart on the kitchen door for kids.

We'll just have to see what the next week bring.

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